Our Story

We love gourmet coffee, but hate queues! So we developed a machine which does all the things a top class barista does, stage by stage but faster. Our stores are fitted with loads of self service touch screen bays and because they are so fast, you are never waiting long for the best Gourmet Coffee.

We source the best ingredients from around the World and our technology keeps our Barista recipes perfect all day. Our pastries and sandwiches are to die for and are freshly made on the day (We kill any leftover)!

Our Revolution

We have taken advanced engineering systems from German, Switzerland and the UK and integrated them into a system to make a Super Automated System which emulates the tradition Barista steps, whilst providing high consistency and productivity. This gives the Customer a high quality in cup experience – fast!

Customers serve themselves using our friendly large touch screen at our kiosk bays and pay by Contactless payment. Our stores always have staff on hand to assist and to keep the fresh pastries stacked high!

Our Technology

In case you’re wondering how we do it, here is a snippet of our technology.



Our grinder is set by electronics which monitor each and every cup dispensed. Once the perfect extraction time is dialled in, the feedback algorithms keep the extraction time on target, creating consistency for the perfect in cup experience.



Our tamping pressure - once set - is controlled by electronics with feedback algorithms. This guarantees consistent tamping pressure for every cup of coffee.


Temperature control

Essential to in cup quality is water temperature. Our system uses dedicated coffee boilers, separate from the water and steam boiler. This provides high productivity and temperature stability.



Our stainless steel brewing chamber emulates a Baristas potafilter, consistent water pressure and temperature produce an optimised espresso experience.


Milk Frothing

Our milk frothing technology provides a flavoursome, textured milk, mirroring the barista experience by producing velvety microfoam.



All of the stages are pre-programmed and controlled for a consistent and efficient delivery, and the best customer in cup experience.

Our Coffee

Our award winning buyer travels the globe sourcing coffee beans directly from the farmers who take as much care nurturing their coffee plants as we do roasting and brewing our beans. We focus on high grade, seasonal, single origin coffee, small batch roasted so that every delicate and unique flavour is translated in the cup. Our farmers are based in Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Honduras and Guatemala.

Our Locations

Coming soon – our first sites will be in London UK, they are in the making!

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International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London. EC1A 2BN. United Kingdom.


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